Videos Timor

The following are video images of only a few of the momentous occasions that took place while Sergio and myself were there. It is the backdrop of our relationship and Timor-Leste’s birth:

August 1999

-Timor-Leste’s situation before the UN’s arrival

Truth & Reconciliation Commision

-Sergio Vieira de Mello sets the Commision to deal with Timor’s past.

World Bank

-Sergio Vieira de Mello signs loan agreements with World Bank’s authorities. Among them, the Small Enterprises Project, which I managed.


Post Office

-Sergio Vieira de Mello restores Timor’s Postal service, and East Timor’s first own postal system.



-Brazil’s president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso visits Timor-Leste.


-Timor-Leste’s first-ever free presidential elections.


– Announcement of Timor-Leste’s first-ever presidential results.




-Preparations for Independence Celebrations.



World Leaders

-World Leaders visit Timor-Leste to celebrate the transition from UNTAET to an independent government.


Celebration 1

-The complete celebration (part 1)

Celebration 2

-The complete celebration (part 2)

Celebration 3

-Let’s not call it a night yet. Let’s celebrate independence a little bit more (part 3)



-A documentary I found about the UN in Timor Leste