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I decided to start here, because I was not born in 2003. Here we are, working on getting a credit line for Timor. Read more





Here I am in Brazil, in one of my first international public appearances. Read more








My life during part of 2002. Memories to last a lifetime. Read more









Sergios last interview. Read more

I like to share these pages from Barbara’s book, talking about the events leading to that day. Read more I also want to leave this link, of her performance in Timor the year before Enjoy

Thanking the foreign service of Argentina that helped me getting back home. Read more

Leandro Desdpouy’s farewell letter. Read more

Mario Vargas Llosa farewell letter. Read more

Still in shock, I gave my first interview on what happened that day. I would not talk again publicly for a long time. Read more

An interesting view of how things were those days. As always, some are more true than others. For the record, Sergio was 100% carioca. Read more

A paper talking about Sergios relationship with me, and what transcurred in the days following the event Read more

Reporters questioning Bush agenda, mourn Brazil’s loss  Read more

Pablo Larriera’s statement regarding Sergio. He really was a great great guy. Read more

Nice words of Renato Mafra regarding Sergio. Read more


Winning the “mulher do ano na categoria Direitos Humanos” award Read More

Transcript of a private speech I gave a year later, at the UNLP Argentina Read more

Interview to Le Monde, remembering Sergio on the 1st Anniversary Read more

Interview I gave trying to expose the families concerns a year after the event Read more

Another interview in that regard Read more







An article regarding the event. Read more











Letter from Eduardo Suplicy to the UN regarding the death penalty Read more

Keeping Sergio´s memory alive, 3rd Anniversary memorial at Church Center Read more

Life goes on, and I start going more to conferences Read more











A statement we issued with Gilda regarding a bust of Sergio Read more

Another of many memorials that were held by family members at Church Center Read more










Eduardo Suplicy talks about rights and about the Fundations that carry Sergio’s name Read more

Interview given to Crescer Magazine Read more

Interview given to Epoca Magazine Read more










Article  of Marie Claire Read more

A coment of Jose Ramos-Horta regarging the day we met. (what a day) Read more










I get the “Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Fellowship Program” award Read more

Time to study. Read more











How long do you think studying at Harvard takes? Years!  Read more

I want to share with you this awesome achievement  (it is not mine but from an extraordinary woman) Read more









A piece I wrote on the 10th anniversary. Read more

Article written by Sonia Araripe remembering Sergio. Read more

Interview given due to the the 10th Anniversary Read more

Comment on Jose Ramos-Horta remembering Sergio Read more

A blooger remembering us, and our demands  Read more

Remembering Sergio, by Eric Schwartz Read more

Remembering Sergio at the Brazil’s Comissão de Relações Exteriores e Defesa Nacional (CRE) Read more

Eduardo Suplicy hands Dilma Rouseff Sergios book Read more






Sergios is honored on a stamp Read more










Helping friends with their proyects sharing my expertise. Read more 

On the 12th anniversary, Sonia Araripe remembers that last interview with Sergio Read more









Article on women standing tall Read more

Article regarding the olympics Read more

I go to the Centro Acadêmico Sergio Vieira de Mello for a nice discussion with international relationship students Read more

I was invited by the Institute de Estudos Estrategicos to a new UN simulation in honor of Sergio (II SEVIM)  Read More







Article regarding Humanitarian Day at Jornal O Globo Read more

Interview with Claudia Magazine, a women´s magazine, regarding the fight for my recognition as Sergio´s wife Read more

Lecture I gave on the Simpósio Internacional de Desenvolvimento da Primeira Infância in Recife, Pernambuco, organized by Fundacao Maria Cecilia and the Center for the Development of the Child at Harvard University. Read more These were the slides I used for the presentation See them or even better, watch

I was a Speaker at the national launch of Brasil21, a think tank of new and improved ideas to transform Brasil, and you can see it here:

I gave the closing lecture at the CLP, the Center for Public Leadership, for developing leaders in the public sector, in Sao Paulo, and here you can see some pictures.



(2018) This is the presentation I gave at the Forum Oncoguia, with the theme Contributions from Other Areas to the World of Oncology. You can click here

or watch it here  Forum        Inicio